The Team

Janet Hofmeister - President


  Ms. Hofmeister brings years of experience in technical solution development and program management. Within the Healthcare domain, she managed the HHS ONC CONNECT Reference Implementation program upon which the eHealth Exchange is based, the Florida HIE, including the initial planning, software development and implementation, and operations and maintenance efforts, the Oregon Health Authority’s HIE and Health IT Portfolio programs, and the multiple programs for the Department of Veteran Affairs. In 2017, Ms. Hofmeister (with her partner, Ms. Christine Phillips) created Indian River Solutions whose major client has been Mount Sinai Health Systems. 

Ms. Hofmeister facilitated teams of diverse stakeholders for Federal agencies, States, and private organizations and is able to quickly establish lines of communication with stakeholders from providers and staff to those in the C-Suite. She brings a sense of urgency and to all efforts and ensures that scheduled milestones are met, with quality and timely deliverables to ensure customer satisfaction.

During the early part of the FL HIE implementation, Ms. Hofmeister developed a sustainability plan that was incorporated and led to a self-supporting HIE which operated with no Government funding. The entire implementation effort required communication with the major stakeholders to ensure they bought into the strategy and outreach to Healthcare organizations across Florida so that they knew and understood the new services and how to become part of the network.  Since many of the stakeholders were also to be participants in the HIE, extensive planning was performed for their on-boarding and use of resources.

As Federal and State Healthcare Business Area lead for her former employer, a Fortune 500 company, Ms. Hofmeister developed yearly tactical and strategic plans which included long-term planning of technology solutions and company investment. This provided a grounding for some of the strategy work that was later performed for Mount Sinai Health Systems and led to developing a three-year Technical Roadmap for them. A diverse group of internal and external stakeholders and similar healthcare organizations were interviewed to gather requirements, technical and operational trends, and expected policy changes. Ms. Hofmeister led the Change Management effort which resulted in streamlined processes. 

Chris Phillips - VP, Technology


  Ms. Phillips has over twenty-five years’ experience in technical design and implementation of systems ranging from small to large (2010 Census) and in a variety of different domains. She has spent the last ten years working in Healthcare Information Technology, first for Harris Corporation Healthcare Division, and later as a partner of Indian River Solutions. 


Ms. Phillips was the architect and Technical Lead responsible for the federated design of the Florida HIE and the integration with large Florida Hospital systems or RHIOs. Ms. Phillips ensured that exchange and security standards were followed and developed a process for on-boarding validation within the state which was compatible with validation for the eHealth Exchange. Her team implemented an Event Notification Service with over 200 low income pool hospitals. She was involved in the Direct and C-CDA specification work groups and made adjustments to processes based on policy changes from CMS and ONC.

As the Chief Systems Engineer for the Oregon HIT Portfolio program, Ms. Phillips worked extensively with the customers and stakeholders to understand and articulate customer business needs and technical requirements, validate requirements and develop high level architectures in order to generate three separate RFPs for new services, consisting of a statewide Common Credentialing System, a Provider Directory and a Clinical Quality Metrics Registry. Her team, issued the RFPs, then evaluated, selected and recommended to the customer the best value vendor for each of the services. This involved extensive coordination, facilitation and communication between all of the stakeholders.

As Technical Lead for Indian River, Ms. Phillips analyzed the Mount Sinai HIE architecture which led to the development of the three year Strategic Technical Roadmap. She developed value propositions for each of the main system use cases to identify those that still held potential value, determining if they could be performed at a lower cost. This required collaboration with the technical team, and internal and external stakeholders. Ms. Phillips participated in the Change Management effort which led to a reorganization of the interoperability Teams and a replacement of the tools and methodology used to support their integration efforts.